Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

Tattoo removal has been performed with various tools during the history of tattooing. While tattoos were once considered permanent, it is now possible to remove them with treatments, fully or partially.

Laser tattoo removal techniques can eliminate your tattoo. Here’s how it works: lasers remove tattoos by breaking up the pigment colors of the tattoo with a high-intensity light beam.


Black tattoo pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths, making it the easiest to treat. Other colors can only be treated by selected lasers based upon the pigment color. So, typically, black and darker-colored inks can be removed more completely.

Before the development of laser tattoo removal methods, common tattoo removal techniques included the use of creams that contained TCA (Trichloroacetic acid, an acid that removes the top layers of skin, reaching as deep as the layer in which the tattoo ink resides), salabrasion (scrubbing the skin with salt), etc.

Number of laser tattoo removal treatment sessions needed
Complete laser tattoo removal requires numerous treatment sessions, typically spaced at least 5-7 weeks apart. At each session, some but not all of the tattoo pigment particles are effectively fragmented, and the body removes the smallest fragments over the course of several weeks. The result is that the tattoo is lightened over time. Remaining large particles of tattoo pigment are then targeted at subsequent treatment sessions, causing further lightening. The number of sessions and spacing between treatments depends on various parameters, including the area of the body treated and skin color. Tattoos located on the extremities, such as the ankle, generally take longest.


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