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Interview with Nikki Samonas on Tv Africa Breakfast Live show talking about the art of tattooing and the various events that goes into it. Also engaging you into the educational aspects plus the negative and positive perceptions of the body art. It was a prodigious pleasure.

Francois Tattoo & Piercing Studio
Feather Tattoo

One of the most sought after tattoo design is the incorporation of feathers. In modern times as well as in the past, the feather has been an important element of tattoo designs all over the world. Since it is a pretty unisex tattoo element, feathers can create such an interesting part of the design, changing the way it looks โ€“ as well as the meaning behind it. Not to mention the wide… Read More

There are several superstitions around ladybugs that enhance the meaning of ladybug tattoos: Finding a ladybug is very good luck and is a sign of good fortune coming your way. Killing a lady bug is (obviously) back luck. Number of spots on a ladybug is suppose to tell how many years of good fortune you will have. A ladybug landing on your hand is a sign of good weather coming. As ladybugs… Read More

Bow Tattoo Francois Tattoo and Piercing Studio

Bow Tattoos There are many types of a bow tattoo and they have become quite a hit in the tattoo world. As a woman if you are seeking to get a tattoo done, then one way to go would be the bow tattoo. Why women should consider getting a bow tattoo: As the bow tie simply depicts the tying up of something, then pulled back and released, women may find this really… Read More